Step Bank of Health (SBH)

In order to be healthy, fit and productive, it is recommended to accumulate atleast 10000 Steps (equivalent) a day by doing regular walking/running/any other physical activities.
Keeping motivation or sustaining healthy life style with any routine workouts is a challenge. The concept “Step Bank of Health” is to promote health and fitness activities for better health of self, better world living and inspiring others for their better health etc.


Overall Global Performance

Description Performance Unit
Walking Distance Equivalent167958KM
Total Accumulated Steps209947399Steps
Calories Burnt (Eqv)7558110KCals
Fuel Saved with walking15269Lt Diesel
Kg CO2 Equivalent Saved40997Kg CO2
Cost Saved per Individual763450Rs. - DieselRs. 50/lit - Diesel
Earned Health Currency2099474H$
Extra Healthy Life gained2099Days
Earth Diameter Travelled1318%
Earth Equator Travelled419%
Assumptions: 1 KM = 1250 Steps; 1 KM = 45 KCals; 1 Litre Diesel = 11 KM; 1 litter = 2.7 Kg CO2; 100 Steps = 1 H$; 1 Min workout = 1.5 Min extra life gain; Earth Diameter = 12742 KM; Earth Equator = 40075 KM

Top Performers

7 Days
Name Steps
TJMadhavarao Tamker 82386
Milind Meher 80178
Dwijapada Pratihar 55380
Runa Laila 39763
jawed aftab (CB) 16896
Anutosh Mukhopadhyay 14342
Sahidul Hoque 3
30 Days
Name Steps
Dwijapada Pratihar 956682
Kyamelia Pratihar 644697
TJMadhavarao Tamker 364275
Milind Meher 207994
Runa Laila 128656
jawed aftab (CB) 69863
Jyotishka Pratihar 24942
Anutosh Mukhopadhyay 14342
Sahidul Hoque 3658
Vivek Singh 2433
All Times
Name Steps
Dwijapada Pratihar 62811339
TJMadhavarao Tamker 35141098
D Pratihar Hotmail 23681427
Virtual World Travel 21689860
Kyamelia Pratihar 15956373
jawed aftab (CB) 14363430
kaushik bhatia 6237131
Jaideep Menon 4470690
Anu Pandey 4099062
Milind Meher 2664634
Runa Laila 2303639
Sahidul Hoque 2242690
Jyotishka Pratihar 1255221
Rupa Lahiri 1107083

Health is the crown on the well person’s head that only the ill person can see - Robin Sharma

The Greatest Wealth is Health - Virgil

A Journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step - Lao Tzu

A Healthy Mind In a Healthy Body: Mens Sana in Corpore Sano -

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(SBH) Step Bank of Health Pedometer App is being used for continuous accumulating of your daily Walking Steps and Virtual Travelling. A Step To A Step Forward for getting healthy Body, Mind, Soul and knowing the unknowns through Virtual Travelling.